Rebecca Bradley Interior Design began over twenty five years ago as a serendipitous offshoot of Rebecca’s quirky and eclectic shop in San Francisco called Cinnamon Toast. Her clients soon began asking for advice on how they might incorporate their new purchases into their homes. Decorating quickly replaced shop keeping and the firm began to grow. Today, Rebecca employs a team of six designers and assistants whose passion mirrors hers as they create beautiful interiors while providing an unsurpassed level of service and personal attention to their diverse projects. Rebecca has fostered a work environment where learning is key, sharing knowledge is essential, and every aspect of a project, from the first conceptual floor plans to the final delivery of flowers, is considered an integral part. Though projects range from a contemporary high-rise apartment to a Victorian cottage in a city to a sprawling estate thousands of miles away, each is negotiated with the same deft consideration and expertise.

Rebecca Bradley is an interior designer of singular talent and sophistication, with a career informed by a lifetime of study, observation, and an unending pursuit to create the most gracious interiors possible. A voracious reader, antiquarian and student of the arts, Rebecca strives to infuse each project with her seemingly boundless knowledge, wide-ranging experience, and unerring sense of personal style. Of equal importance to the design process are the close-knit relationships that Rebecca forms with her clients. With this intimate partnership in mind, Rebecca’s style extends well beyond her own personal tastes to incorporate a sense of gracious and comfortable living, her client’s interests, their needs for daily living and entertaining, and their personal art collections. Clients return again and again as those needs evolve and as their families and their lives change.